We focus on what needs attention and what is missing from our community.
Our primary focuses are as below.


Whilst having our own football team, we set up competitions and training sessions to bring in individuals who wish to take their passion seriously and be treated with seriousness. Aside from football, we offer a variety of programs, from MMA to badminton, cricket, table tennis, golf and many others ensuring that we create a career for those who wish to delve deeper into their sporty personalities and thrive.


Our educational programs include activities and workshops, providing 1 to 1 support, research, employability support, drug and crime awareness including gun and knife awareness programs, racial harmony and much more. Being academic as well as expressive, we welcome artists, poets, musicians etc to take part and construct workshops and seminars.

Health & Wellbeing

Our passion for health and living a quality life is fundamental, whether it be physically healthy and fit as well as mentally. We offer programs such as counseling, mentoring, and coaching, mental health awareness, and activities for the whole community to get involved in, ensuring that we play an active part in bettering the health and welfare of Walsall.


Our purpose was built on creating a future filled with opportunities and multiple open doors and paths for individuals to journey through, creating connections and developing further into their passion and career. We partner with many organizations and provide a platform for Walsallians to stand out and truly become stars.

Our future goals

We intend to grow over a larger populace and get more young people involved, raising awareness of the talent we are surrounded by and not going unnoticed due to lack of facilities and guidance.