We are All Stars Walsall

All Stars Walsall was initially formed in September 2019 and is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with the collective goal of achieving a better community spirit within the Walsall borough. By providing a platform that allows the community the opportunity to have access to sports, educational projects, activities and programs to better physical and mental health and much more.

We deliver in 4 vital areas


Education is as Malcolm X said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. We empower and strengthen our community with our education, training, mentoring, and workshops tailored to the needs of our community & address the socio-economic issues faced by the local populace of Walsall.

Health & Wellbeing

Our passion for health and living a quality life is fundamental, whether it be physical health or mental. We offer programs and activities for the whole community to get involved in ensuring that we play an active part in bettering the health and welfare of Walsall with our age dedicated programs.


Knowing the importance of introducing an environment which would feed hope, desire and opportunity into the people of Walsall, most importantly the youth. For us to succeed in our mission we knew we must bring forth a culture that Walsall is not accustomed to. By creating multi-sports events/activities we want to encourage different parts of the borough to be able to connect through sport.


Networking is essential as we base ourselves on working with talent as well as building relationships with the populace of Walsall, it also helps by bringing together the community as a whole. We offer to help those who wish to partner with us or are looking for platforms or links to gain exposure. Whether its an individual or an organization we work with everyone.

Want to get involved?

1 Get in touch, we always welcome new faces and would love to hear your ideas.

2 After discussing your ideas and talent, we will create a project to get you started.

3We will support you in your journey and provide opportunities to keep you going.

Simple process, supportive team, a great success.